About Leather Sofas

Only a handful of British manufacturers remain capable of reproducing the original hand-made quality for which the Chesterfield sofa was designed for. Finding a hand-stitched, hand-dyed, and British made Chesterfield Sofa can be difficult to source. All of these characteristics are fundamental to what a Chesterfield sofa or suite stands for.

The unique range of Chesterfields leather sofas offer is extensive and all products are generaly handmade in England using only the finest leathers and hardwood frames. Our standard range of leather Chesterfield furniture includes 3 piece suites, settees, sofas, high back chairs, footstools and much more. Also manufactured is occasional furniture including rocking chairs and a variety of swivel chairs such as captain's and admiral's chairs. While making any bespoke Chesterfield furniture , only the most hardwearing production techniques, time served furniture-making methods and a complete knowledge of the Chesterfield furniture style will do.

All Chesterfield suites, leather sofas and chairs are available in whatever colour or leather you might wish to choose. A bespoke service is also available from most suppliers and manufacturers, so if you want a leather chesterfield sofa or suite that is something out of the ordinary and completely unique, simply send a request to your chosen Chesterfield supplier and you can be sure you will get the end product you want.

All Chesterfield sofas, settees and chairs are hand-built by time-served craftsmen in a traditional workshop, using only the finest quality leathers, woods and fabrics to produce the highest quality sofas and suites found around the world today.

The starting point for any Chesterfield or Club Chair is the frame. This is constructed of only the finest hardwoods, selected for strength and longevity. The Chesterfield frame components are hand formed, by time served craftsmen, to give us the ready components. These components are then assembled by hand, using dowels, screws, and corner blocks for added strength. Once the Chesterfield sofa frame has been fully assembled, it is then quality checked for squareness and shape. The frame is then passed to the polisher to apply the next process.

In addition to manufacturing chairs, sofas and stools in the chesterfield style, suppliers specialise in producing tufted (deep buttoned) furniture of all shapes and sizes. Often you can expct to find the following services at your disposal. All services are usually available when large orders are placed however for smaller orders you can still expect to have the care and attention you duly deserve :

  • Design consultancy
  • Materials consultancy
  • Design assist (for pre-created designs)
  • Product design
  • Furniture manufacture

The final stage in the production of your Chesterfield leather sofa is the finish. This stage involves the buttoning and studding of the piece. Some suppliers use modern methods to create your leather sofa but the right supplier of Chesterfields still use traditional methods. This will include individual studs on each piece created - approximately 300 -1200 per item! The whole piece is then buffed or rubbed off- depending on the selected leather finish and then professionaly sealed to protect the look achieved and ensure it stays perfect or many years to come.